Ten Times D.C. Sports Appeared in Hip-Hop

The DMV area has had the privilege of hosting many world-class, marketable athletes in the past 10 years. Sean Taylor, Robert Griffin III, Gilbert Arenas, Bryce Harper, John Wall, Bradley Beal, and Alexander Ovechkin all come to mind. On a variety of occasions, DC Sports has made its way onto the hip-hop scene through all different artists.

This list includes some of the more subtle and obscure references. There have been plenty of other times when songs were specifically fixated on DC athletes; like Wale’s “MVP” dedicated to Bryce Harper or “No Pain, No Gain” about RG3’s rookie season, Shy Glizzy’s “John Wall” (yes, still a banger), or Jay-Z’s DeShawn Stevenson Diss – “Blow the Whistle” (the song that made Caron Butler leave the club fuming with anger).

It is safe to say DC athletes have received widespread and deserved recognition for their stardom.

Migos – Pamela

“We taking the plug off and land in Korea,
I’m a OG in the hood they calling me Wizard Quavo, Bradley Beal!” (1:10)


Shy Glizzy, A$AP Rocky, & 2Chainz – Awwsome (Remix)

“In D.C getting money, DMV one hundred,
Hair hanging down to my stomach,
And I’m making play like DeSean,
And I’m ballin’ out like John Wall!” (2:02)


Wale – Black & Gold

“Back like I never ever left in the first
Wale Ovechkin, the best on the earth…” (:18)


DJ Khaled, Jay-Z, & Future – I Got The Keys 

“One on one with the corner with no safety help,
I perform like Josh Norman, I ain’t normal…”


Future & Young Thug – 200

“I bought my moms a car, it felt amazin’
My brothers bang in burgundy like the Redskins” (0:43)


Eminem – Kings Never Die

“To flippin’ burgers on the grill for some peanuts,
At Gilbert’s to arenas, call me Gilbert Arenas,
Still appeal to the dreamers”


Wale & Lil’ Wayne – Nike Boots (Remix)

“Watch me exercise my excrement while sending messages,
DMV’s messenger love it so I’m reppin’ it,
Hail to the Skins, Rest in Peace Sean Taylor, 1!” (3:50)


T.I. – Ready For Whatever

“I mean, look at folk like Sean Taylor. You know what they said?
They said, had he had a strap, he’da lived today.
 You know what I’m sayin?” (4:10)


Chris Brown & The Game – I Don’t Like (Remix)

“Shout out to John Wall, man, that dude nice,
Club leanin’, we gon’ need some more Sprite…” (0:43)


J.Cole & Trey Songz – Can’t Get Enough

“Won’t brag, but the boy been blessed, mane
Let you play with the stick; Ovechkin” (0:35)

Wale can almost always be counted on for DMV references and shout-outs. But from North Carolina’s J.Cole, to Detroit’s Eminem, and Atlanta’s 2 Chainz, Migos, and T.I. – all the way to the westcoast and Compton’s own –  The Game – DC is seen and heard.

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