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2019 NBA Draft Scouting Report: De’Andre Hunter

Name: De’Andre Hunter

School: Virginia
Year: Sophomore
Position: FORWARD (SF/PF)
Height: 6’7″
Weight: 225 lbs.
Games Evaluated: Virginia Tech, Clemson, Texas Tech


De’Andre Hunter is a very fundamentally sound basketball player. He has a solid b-ball IQ, plays good defense, and is a team player. He rarely bites on pump fakes or gets caught off guard. He knows where to be if he’s on the court on either end. He has a little bit of a mid-range game that kind of reminded me of Carmelo Anthony and Rudy Gay (he’ll jab and pull). He is a relatively strong player and has a good frame. In the long run, that should help him last at the next level. He likes to be around the rim and rebound. He does all the little things you would expect from a forward. He can operate a tad from the paint, though there isn’t too large a sample size of that to truly analyze. He’ll beat you off the bounce if you’re a step late. Attacking off the dribble isn’t his specialty, but he was more than willing to do it. Hunter shows signs of aggressiveness that you’d like to see more.


Hunter is more of a player that fits in rather than be the guy who stands out. That’s totally fine, but that doesn’t strike me as a top-five pick that some make him out to be. He is very heavy on his feet, which may be why he’s a better fit at the four at the next level. He doesn’t get beat a whole lot off the bounce, but when he does, he has a hard time recovering with lateral quickness. Hunter doesn’t have an alpha personality on the court. He vastly needs to improve his shooting mechanics. His shot is way too slow. Hunter is just a very stiff player. He will have to loosen up a bit at the next level, meaning he’ll have to do a ton of agility drills and work on his handle.


De’Andre Hunter is a solid player that should gel well at the next level. His mid-range post game should appeal to teams and he has tremendous potential as a lockdown defender at his position. He will rebound the basketball, make basketball plays, and score when asked. He lacks the killer instinct and isn’t that gifted an overall offensive player to warrant him being a top-five pick. He will probably be a mid-late lottery pick and that’s also my grade for him.

NBA Comparison: Kawhi Leonard (lite)

Statistics: Here


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