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Players that will Change your Season

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We are four games into the fantasy football season, and now the real season is about to start. Hopefully up to this point you are sitting at the very least 2-2, but if your 1-3 or 0-4 it is okay. This is your opportunity to trade for a player that can change your team and season.

If you’re ranked first or second in your waiver wire order this is the chance to raid the wire for a couple of weeks. Here are a couple of players that I think can change your fantasy football team and vault you into a winning streak, and maybe into the fantasy football playoffs.

Ravens Wide Receivers

This is a team that I really like going forward, especially for fantasy purposes. John Brown was one of my preseason sleepers and he has delivered thus far, leading the team in receiving yards and touchdowns. Michael Crabtree is also a new receiver for the team. He leads the Ravens with 34 targets and 18 receptions. Crabtree has yet to lock in with Joe Flacco but once he does, the targets are there for him to be a top 10 receiver.

Lastly, Willie Snead IV. The former Saints receiver is now with the Ravens and is tied with Crabtree for receptions. These are new pieces for quarterback Joe Flacco so it has taken a little time to get the offense going. If you have the means trade for John Brown or Crabtree, do it. Deeper leagues should look for Willie Snead because Brown and Crabtree are likely to be gone.

Sony Michel-RB (New England Patriots)

The Patriots have an always changing gameplan, so it’s kind of hard to lock in on any player outside of Tom Brady or Gronk. This year the offense has been struggling, but since week 2 the Patriots have been dedicated to getting Sony Michel going and his carries have slowly gone up from 10, 14, to 25. Right now the majority of Michel’s snaps are running plays. This will change as defenses start to gameplan for him.

If you drafted Michel and patiently waited for him to have a week like he had in week 4, congrats. If not, you should be trying to find a way to get Michel.  The main reason you should go get Michel is because of the Patriots schedule. Outside of the Bears, Vikings, and Titans, there are not many teams that will be tough on the Patriots running game.

David Johnson-RB (Arizona Cardinals)

The Arizona Cardinals are a bit of a dumpster fire right now and the reasoning for that is the perfect storm of a couple of things. Rookie quarterback, new coaching staff, tough schedule and a bad offensive line. Good thing about these things is they will get better. The schedule will get much more manageable after week 7 against the Broncos. If rookie quarterback Josh Rosen can survive against the tough defenses, then the second half of the season will be easier.

This will be a lot better for David Johnson because his team will have experience and his coaching staff will understand how to get the best out of his skillset. Fantasy owners who drafted Johnson may be man overboard at this point. Throw some offers out and see what owners are willing to take for an underperforming David Johnson.

Jordan Howard-RB (Chicago Bears)

This is a running back that I am practicing my patience with. The Bears head coach is utilizing the many weapons that they have around young quarterback Mitchell Trubisky right now. This is expected because a lot of coaches like to use September as an extended preseason. Up until now, Howard has not done great. I’m not selling on him, however.

I think you should buy because Howard is still out-snapping all running backs behind him. The weather change will change everything because the Bears will most likely go towards a rushing attack. Tarik Cohen isn’t an every down back like Howard is. Trubisky is only in his second year and is likely to take the check down versus throwing the ball downfield.  Send a trade offer out now because Howard will end the season as a top-10 RB and potentially top-5 if he can pick up more third down plays.


Lamar Jackson-QB (Baltimore Ravens)

This is purely speculative. Lamar Jackson is the only rookie quarterback that’s not starting. If Flacco gets hurt I can see Jackson coming in and making a quick impact similar to what Colin Kaepernick did for the 49ers when Alex Smith got hurt. Jackson has everything around him to succeed, good running game, good receivers, and an above average defense. Keep Lamar Jackson on your waiver wire watch list and be ready if anything happens to Flacco.

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