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Should You Trade David Johnson?

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The Arizona Cardinals first game against the Washington Redskins was abysmal offensively. When top-5 fantasy football pick David Johnson finishes with 14 touches for 67 all-purpose yards, it is a problem. So here is my question: should you consider trading David Johnson for a player in a better situation?

Here is what we know, the Cardinals schedule isn’t going to get any easier. The next 7 weeks, the Cardinals face the Rams, Bears, Seahawks, Vikings, Broncos, and 49ers twice. All of these teams have a fearsome front sevens, especially the Rams and Bears.

These teams will load the box to stop David Johnson because the quarterback play is nothing to be scared of. Sam Bradford is fragile and in a new offense and Josh Rosen is a rookie. David Johnson will definitely be used, but can his vegan body hold up carrying the Cardinals offense week-in and week-out?

For those who want to try and gut out the brutal first 8 weeks, the back half of the schedule looks more manageable. Johnson faces teams like the Chiefs, Raiders, and Packers, which don’t have a front seven quite like the other teams. The quarterback play will improve for the Cardinals as the season goes on, so teams will not be able to load the box as much in an attempt to stop Johnson.

If it’s me im, trading David Johnson because of the schedule. So, what can you get? It’s really based on your needs. Obviously, you need a three down back so propose a trade for LeVeon Bell who will eventually be back with the Steelers. Other players I like are Melvin Gordon or Ezekiel Elliot.

All of these guys are three down backs, so trading straight up will be the way to go. If you are looking for wide receiver I recommend asking for a WR1. This situation can definitely be an overreaction to a bad week 1, but the schedule doesn’t lie and those defenses will get better every week. If you’re going to do it then now is the time. Do not wait till your off to a 0-4 or 1-3 start.

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