The Ravens are Developing a Track Team Offense


The Baltimore Ravens have had a huge amount of offensive personnel changes within the past year. Players such as Joe Flacco, Michael Crabtree, and John Brown are no longer on the roster after Baltimore moved in a different direction this offseason. As the Ravens start to find their identity on offense, all of their new cornerstone players have one thing in common: they are all extremely fast. 


As many NFL fans know, Lamar Jackson is fast – really fast. Jackson is potentially the fastest quarterbacks to ever be in the NFL. When Jackson took over halfway through the 2018 season, teams took notice of his running ability. Having a quarterback with speed like Jackson’s can open up an offense tremendously. Defenses now have to account for a player who can run the ball very well and can throw the ball. Even though some critics say that Jackson is not the best passing quarterback, teams still have to account for it. If a team puts 8-10 guys in the box to stop Jackson, he could easily just throw it up to his new speedy receivers who just needs to beat man coverage. The Ravens also selected Trace McSorley in the draft, who is seen as a more of an “athlete” than pure QB given his athleticism and low-quality arm talent.  

Running Back

Going into the season, the Ravens have a crowded running back room. The likes of Mark Ingram, Gus Edwards, and Kenneth Dixon are all projected to play key roles in the Ravens offense. Even though none of those players are seen as speed guys, they can still outrun people if they find a lane. The name to look out for as the Ravens speed guy, though, is Justice Hill. Hill was drafted by the Ravens in the fourth round out of Oklahoma State. At the 2019 scouting combine, Hill ran a 4.4 in the 40-yard dash. Even though Hill will get limited opportunities in 2019, look for him to be used as the Ravens go-to guy when the offense is looking to break off a big rushing play. 

Wide Receiver

Going into the 2019 draft, the Ravens had a glaring need at wide receiver. They addressed that in the first round by drafting Marquise Brown with the 25th overall pick. At Oklahoma, Brown was known for being a playmaker. With his speed, he could take the top off of a defense or take a simple slant or drag and turn it into an 80-yard touchdown. Having a speedy receiver is a fast-growing trend in the NFL. Just about every team has that one speedy player/receiver that they depend on to make big plays. Brown will certainly have his presence felt in the NFL and could potentially turn into one of the NFL’s best speed receivers.

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