What Are the Redskins Doing?

The Washington Redskins have made some very surprising moves this offseason. Some of them have been good, while others have been on the questionable side. Although the Redskins decisions have been reasonable, some of them have contradicted one another. Certain transactions Washington has made suggests that they are in win-now mode, while others suggest that they are shaping their roster for the future. This might have some Redskins fans wondering, what exactly are they doing?

The offseason started early for Washington when it was announced last week that they were trading for Denver Broncos quarterback Case Keenum.

This move is a low-risk, high-reward one for the Redskins. They only traded a 6th round pick for a quarterback that just two years ago led the Vikings to a 13-3 record. This trade makes it seem like they want to win-now since Keenum is already 31 years old. If the Redskins were looking to rebuild then they would have traded for a young quarterback, like Josh Rosen, or not have traded for one at all.

Washington also made one of the first and biggest signings in free agency by acquiring safety Landon Collins.

This signing shows Washington is serious about boosting their defense and building around their young defensive line. Collins will immediately boost not only their secondary but the entire defense as a whole. Although Collins will provide a short-term boost to Washington’s defense, his contract is long enough for them to rebuild the defense with him and the defensive line as the focus. This signing, along with the acquisition of Keenum, suggest that Washington either want to win now or to have a short 1-2 year rebuild.

Washington has been making more moves since the Collins signing but they have not been as flashy. A few days ago, the Redskins decided to release two defensive players; linebacker Zach Brown and lineman Stacy McGee.

McGee’s release is not that big of a surprise since he only played eight games this past year and only started one. Although Brown has been in trade rumors since earlier this year, no one expected him to be released so soon. Just last year he signed a three-year, $24 million extension last year. This past year he had 96 tackles and one interception which is not bad, but evidently not good enough for the Redskins.

Washington also let wide receiver Jamison Crowder walk in free agency, which was not a very smart move. Crowder has put up good numbers on limited touches and at only 25 years old, he still has room to develop. If Washington was serious about winning now then they would have re-signed Crowder to give Keenum as many weapons as possible. If Keenum does not have talented enough playmakers around him, then the Redskins could very much end up like the Denver Broncos did this past season. These two moves show that Washington will be rebuilding with the intentions of being a successful team in 3-5 years.

As the offseason continues, the Redskins will continue to make more moves and it will show us what direction they are looking to do in. As of right now though, the moves that Washington has made have fans and spectators alike questioning, what are the Redskins doing?

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